Human Assistive Technologies

Human Assistive Technologies

Our goal is to provide accessible transportation for all.

Of the nearly 2 million people with homebound disabilities, 560,000 reported "transportation difficulties" as the reason why they did not leave their homes. Some of the transportation difficulties homebound people face include their distance to public transportation, as well as an absence of necessary features in transit stations or vehicles. Complicating the issue, the problems concerning accessible transportation for the disabled can vary from one mode of transportation to another, and from location to location.

Access to public transportation plays an integral role in civil rights by providing equal opportunities to the disabled community. Affordable and reliable public transportation allows access to essential opportunities in health care, employment, education, and above all, quality of life.

At Infratek Solutions Inc. we aim to provide accessible transportation to people with disabilities and special needs using breakthrough robotics technologies. Through partnerships with the nation's largest transit organizations, top research centers and leaders in the disabled community, we are implementing new technologies to make inaccessible transportation a thing of the past.

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We're strive to provide accessible transportation for all.

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