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Robot Assisted Bridge Inspection Tool – Commercial Edition

The RABIT-CE™ is a bridge deck assessment system that includes a mobile robot and a ground control station. With rapid deployment and autonomous operation, the RABIT-CE empowers bridge inspection teams to get the job done quickly and efficiently — minimizing bridge closure time.

The robot utilizes sophisticated non-destructive evaluation (NDE) technologies, seamlessly integrated with an autonomous robotic platform to gather data from concrete bridge decks and create conditions maps.

A climate-controlled ground operating station allows the operator to efficiently store, transport and deploy the robot, as well as providing a working station to effectively monitor and process the collected data.

Infrastructure owners and inspectors can acquire RABIT-CE through Infratek Solutions Inc.’s purchase program that offers comprehensive training, support and maintenance plans. Infratek Solutions Inc. can also help interested parties by providing financial enablers such as rent or lease or offer Inspection as a Service by RABIT-CE to facilitate the use of this technology.

1- Laser Scanner

for dynamic path planning and obstacle avoidance.

2- High-Definition Imaging

to capture high-resolution images of the deck surface using professional-grade cameras.

3- Electrical Resistivity

to characterize the corrosive environment of the concrete.

4- Impact Echo & Ultrasonic Surface Waves

to evaluate concrete delamination and concrete deck strengths.

5- Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

to map rebar and other metallic objects below the surface using electromagnetic waves. GPR also provides a qualitative assessment of concrete deck deterioration.

6- Global Positioning System (GPS)

to record and mark location data, making testing grids virtually obsolete.

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